Sony PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Bundles Reviewed – Are They Really The Best Way To Buy The PSVR4?

Sony Playstation 4 Virtual Reality bundles are in theory a great way to buy into PlayStation®VR. VR is a brand new technology and it is uniquely engaging for its ability to put you right inside your favorite games, so there is no shortage of potential buyers. There is a problem at the time of writing though. That is that with the world recovering from the coronavirus pandemic stock levels are very low, and the list of Sony Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Bundles which are currently available is extremely limited.

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We have been studying these VR bundles on the outlet which we would expect to have the largest range of Sony Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Bundles in stock, namely Amazon (US) but unfortunately, a number of the bundles previously available (and reviewed here) have been discontinued.

The following is a selection of the PSVR4 bundles we found, but you must forgive us if some might include parts from earlier versions as it’s not always very clear which version of the PSVR range of VR models are included.

PlayStation VR – Creed: Rise to Glory Superhot Bundle

Claimed by its supplier to be the winner of numerous VR Game of the Year awards this seller is offering a great set of games in the bundle. They say that the Superhot VR title has been reimagined and redesigned from the ground up for VR and hand tracking controllers. The included games such as Phantom Melee Technology will it is claimed:

“… make your avatar feel every punch, uppercut, and flurry through situational desynchronization, including fatigue, staggering, and knockouts in CREED: Rise to Glory”.

We understand that, if available, this bundle includes the PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, Demo Disc 2.0, two “PlayStation Move” motion controllers, and the game “CREED: Rise to Glory”, plus a Blu Ray Disc and a SUPERHOT VR game voucher.

Users have commented that you can adjust the fit of the headset with a click, and use convenient on-headset controls to adjust the volume. That seems to confirm the manufacturer’s statement that the PlayStation®VR headset was engineered to be balanced, comfortable, and adjustable. As every user would expect, it has been designed to feel like it’s not there as you explore your new gaming worlds.

It really is revolutionary to be able to look over, under, and around objects in 3D. How wonderful it is to stand at the edge of a breathtaking vista and tower over a bustling, living environment packed with detail. When everything works as intended the experience should be smooth visuals and super low latency combine to create an incredibly immersive gaming world.

Unfortunately, by reading the reviews we found that there are many flaws within the experience on the PSVR4. As the first implementation of VR technology by almost any manufacturer at this budget price point users are we feel being over critical – after all those who do buy the PSVR4 equipment are on the leading edge as first adopters of the technology of the future.

PlayStation VR – GT Sport Bundle Discontinued

This bundle if it ever is resurrected would presumably include a PSVR Headset, PS4 camera, and the game “Gran Turismo Sport”. When available this game is able to put the user in the driver’s seat within the Gran Turismo Sport. By playing this PlayStation VR package you would be able to challenge yourself to the ultimate racing experience. This, the seller says would bring to you the experience of racing in new and extraordinary ways.

You can turn your head and aim towards the center of the road as you enter each corner. at the same time, you will be confidently throttling down while looking ahead at the exit from the corner to gauge your speed while all the time surrounded by other vehicles in the race. This leads the seller to declare that the future of motorsport is with the PlayStation VR.

Other PSVR Bundle Titles

Other Sony Playstation 4 Virtual Reality bundled titles that we found are:

  • PlayStation VR Launch Bundle 3 Items: VR Launch Bundle
  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB, VR Game Disc RIGS Mechanized Combat League
  • Collective Minds PSVR Showcase Rapid AC PS4 VR Charge & Display Stand – PlayStation 4.

Summary of our View on Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Bundles

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Bundles can be the best value means to buy the PSVR4 gaming system with a set of software games all provided and ready to play. But the value lies in this when there is the plentiful stock of any particular device.

In the current very unique global situation of pandemic recovery, the stock levels available are so low that normal competitive forces have ceased to operate. Therefore, we recommend that you maybe should be looking for a reliable supplier first, make sure all the equipment included in the bundle will be the latest models, and only consider the software included in the bundle as a secondary consideration.

There are several free downloads for VR apps online. We really like the “Anywhere VR ocean views” (which can ticker-tape your twitter feed in the sky), for example. The free downloads are definitely not cutting edge VR but can be very immersive and enjoyable. One recent reviewer on Amazon (US) even said of a newbies VR app:

“Warning: you may not want to go to work or leave the house, so be careful of becoming agoraphobic.”

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