Your Five Methods for Finding the Best Pull-Out Wall Support For Video Walls

What Bracket to Use

For installers, handling all the wires and plugs over a huge video wall can be somewhat difficult. The higher the amount of flat panel displays in the video wall matrix, the higher the difficulty of installing many of these equipment.

Pull-out wall brackets could be an ideal answer for digital signage and video walls uses. This bracket enable maximum monitoring angles and they offer installers with quick access directly to the backside of the displays for easy to install and routine service – saving precious money and time.

Normally, pull-out mounting solutions will include a number of features for making set up and repair of multi-screen configurations really easy. When deciding on a pull-out wall support, fitters should think about these few suggestions to make sure optimum practicality and upkeep of video walls:

What You Should Know

1. Search for a possibility that stretches around 5 to 7 inches wide. This would make sure convenient wire access and maintenance in hard-to-reach set up, even on the centermost display of a video wall matrix.

2. Pick a pull-out support that lets you fine-tuning of plumb adjustment. Even if the wall structure is not vertical, this would make sure that the displays are properly installed.

3. Choose a system that delivers post-installation fine-tuning of leveling and height. Not having the following feature, installers would have a hard time attaining best positioning.

4. Go with a pull-out support with a post-installation horizontal shift feature. Because of this modern feature included in some pull-out mounting solutions, installers can easily slide displays together to accelerate installation, and when it comes to routine service you can then easily slide them separately again.

5. Make sure the mounting solution comes with exceptional security features. For example, you can get brackets that have audible click if the displays are securely in position as a security feature. Some brackets actually let installers to include a padlock for more security.

Explore more about pull-out wall brackets, and decide the perfect solution that’s perfect for your particular application.

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